Curriculum Vitae About Me

This web site has been created and designed with the purpose of displaying the skills in web design and programming I have gained over the past several years. More information concerning me and my education and work-experience etc. can be found under "C. V.".

Further information about me and things that interest me outside of web site development can be found in the "About me" section.

I have recently rebuild this website in a completely Object Orientated way, to highlight my skills and also as a practical exercise for myself in an attempt to write a generic web system. Rather than being basic HTML 4 & CSS2 based it now is based on a OO PHP5 framework and XHTML 1.0 Strict output with CSS3 based visual formatting, resulting in a complete separation between data, code and style.

I have also been able to expand my knowledge of PHP based frameworks and JQuery of late, thanks to working with Drupal on a regular basis since 2008